Sanctioned Party Lists

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In a modular approach and editorially reviewed

SPL data goes beyond export control as the relevant sanctions do not only affect export (or import), but also apply to domestic transactions. In larger sized and internationally operating organisations respectively, there is no alternative to a structured approach to these sanctions regimes. Such approach usually calls for the need of automated screening procedures based on topical and well-maintained data content. We support this need with continuously updated, highly differentiated and carefully administered SPL data.

Our tailor-made offer

We have developed a special approach to sanctioned party list (SPL) data based on a multiplicity of sources and a combination of different best practice methods:

Selection options

In our modular approach, the relevant sanctioned party lists may be chosen depending on the location, applicable jurisdiction and international business relations and may be complemented by further lists when necessary.

Continuous monitoring

We continuously monitor and check all relevant SPL data sources. This monitoring is done at least every 24 hours. The corresponding actualisation process usually results in several updates per week and, as the case may be, on a daily basis, depending on the occurrence and frequency of amendments.

Several hundred lists

Certain sanctioned party lists, such as the Consolidated List of the EU and the UN, the Swiss SECO List, as well as the US SDN and ISN List, comprise so-called programmes. Depending on the list, about 10, 20 or even more than 40 different individual programmes may be covered. Sometimes, these programmes are also referred to and counted as different lists. Following this logic, the SPL data offered represents a number of single lists in the three-digit range.

We offer SPL Data Content for the following countries and in the following packages:

Basic listsEuropean Union (EU)
United States (US)
United Nations (UN)
Enhancement listsAU – Australia
CA – Canada
CH – Switzerland
JP – Japan
UK – United Kingdom
Further listsAE – United Arab Emirates
AT – Austria
BE – Belgium
CN – China
CZ – Czech Republic
FR – France
IL – Israel
IN – India
MY – Malaysia
NL – The Netherlands
NZ – New Zealand
PL – Poland
RU – Russia
SG – Singapore
TH – Thailand
TR – Turkey
UA – Ukraine
US – United States
Special listsThere are also special lists by certain national authorities or (inter-)national organisations which do not constitute sanctioned party lists as such, but may be supported in addition to the other lists. Please contact us if you have any questions!

If you are interested in further countries or lists not contained hereunder, please feel free to contact us.

Interfaces and formats supported

Data content for sanctioned party lists data is available for the following standard interfaces:


SAP Watch List Screening


In principle, we also support further interfaces and individual, in-house solutions with data in XML and JSON.

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