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Global compliance thanks to worldwide data content

Compliance with applied export control measures of for instance the EU and the United States has become increasingly important. However, also further countries or territories have implemented and maintain corresponding measures. Even EU Member States may enact measures going beyond the common rules in the European Union. As with US sanctions, the US export control regulations may be applied extraterritorially.

To achieve the necessary compliance, the classification of goods according to customs tariff nomenclatures is not sufficient, as export control commodity lists are based on differently structured nomenclatures comprising specific categories.

According to our modular approach we offer the most important international and national export control commodity lists. Depending on the covered products, these lists usually refer to either dual-use or military goods. Where officially published, we also provide correlations of these lists to customs tariff nomenclatures.

Besides general lists of dual-use or military items subject to export control and licensing requirements, (designated) products may also be stipulated in connection with embargoes against specific countries.

Export control commodity lists

Australia (AU)Part 1 of the Defence and Strategic Goods ListMilitary Goods List
Canada (CA)Export and Import Permits ActExport Control List
China (CN)Order No. 29 of the General Administration of Customs of the Ministry of CommerceList of Dual-use Items and Technology
European Union (EU)Dual-Use RegulationAnnex I –
List of dual-use items
European Union (EU)Dual-Use RegulationAnnex IV –
List of dual-use items
Council Common Position (CCP) Common Military List of the European Union
Germany (DE)Außenwirtschafts­verordnung (AWV)Ausfuhrliste (AL) –
Teil I Abschnitt A/
Abschnitt B
Norway (NO)Appendix II to the Regulations on the export of defense materiel, dual-use goods, technology and servicesList of dual-use items and technology
South Korea (KR)Appendix 2 of the Strategic Material Import/Export NotificationDual-use Control List
Switzerland (CH)Güterkontroll­verordnungListe der Dual-use-Güter
Güterkontroll­verordnungListe der besonderen militärischen Güter
United Arab Emirates (AE)Schedule of strategic goods attached to Federal Law No. (13) of 2007Export control commodity list
United Kingdom (UK)Export Control OrderUK Dual-use List
Export Control OrderUK Military List
United States (US)Export Administration Regulations (EAR)Commerce Control List (CCL)
Export Administration Regulations (EAR)License Determination Rules
International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)United States Munitions List (USML)
Further export control commodity or military goods listsOn request

Correlation tables

European Union (EU)Dual-use correlation
Germany (DE)Umschlüsselungsverzeichnis
China (CN)Dual-use correlation

Embargo country (commodity) lists

Embargoes of the European UnionDemocratic People's Republic of Korea
Embargoes of the European UnionIran
Embargoes of the European UnionRussia
Embargoes of the European UnionSyria
Embargoes of the European UnionCrimea
Embargoes of the European UnionDonezk, Luhansk, Saporischschja and Cherson
Embargoes of the European UnionBelarus
Embargoes of ChinaList of Dual-use Items and Technologies Prohibited from Exporting to North Korea
Further embargoes of the European Union or of other countriesOn request

If you are interested in data content on export control measures beyond the above listing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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In principle, we also support further interfaces and individual, in-house solutions in XML, CSV, text-based formats and other.

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