Import regulations

Detailed information for over 130 countries worldwide

All relevant measures for customs cleareance and market access

The research, evaluation and integration of import regulations worldwide is a special focus of our work. For this purpose, our foreign trade editorial department, in cooperation with our worldwide network of correspondents and contacts, researches the formalities that have to be be fulfilled when importing into third countries. The measures are described in detail and linked to the respective valid customs tariff nomenclature of the country. (Application) forms are presented and the associated procedures are explained.

Our perspective is behind the border of the destination country. Thus, our research results not only make it possible to check the necessities for one’s own export documentation, but also to control the processes on the import side.

Unique data volume

If you were to print out our database on the import regulations of all countries, you would come up with several 10,000 pages.

Regular updates

The country data is regularly checked to ensure the topicality. New developments and changes are taken into account and consolidated into the database.

Uniform language

All information is prepared in English and can therefore be used universally.

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