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As individual or corporate licences or as customised solutions for public entities

Are you looking for information on customs duties and taxes, import regulations and rules of origin for online retrieval in a web application? With MendelOnline, we offer a worldwide and 24/7 accessible internet portal that provides and systematically links country information on tariff and non-tariff measures. The portal supports uniform classification and the implementation of informed compliance in the company. As a customised solution, the portal is used by export promotion agencies or public bodies as part of their information activities and services. The query results can also be integrated into other web-based information solutions on the basis of appropriate web services.

Key features


Free searches in nomenclatures in English, French, German or Spanish

Customs Tariffs

Tariff rates, taxes and further duties levied upon importation

Import Formalities

All relevant formalities for market access and customs clearance

Rules of Origin

Rules of origin of the European Union, EFTA and Switzerland

Individualised variants of MendelOnline

The customs database (customs tariffs worldwide) of Switzerland Global Enterprise is a customised version of MendelOnline and has been in use for many years

The Database for eksport - Mendel is a version of MendelOnline tailored for Norwegian exporters

The TARIFF FINDER is a further development of MendelOnline in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore

The application CHEQ (Check how to export goods) provides UK exporters with access to data from MendelOnline

The Tariff Finder Tool and the Export Rule Finder are two applications that can be used to consult Mendel’s data on customs duties, taxes and import regulations.

With the ASEAN Tariff Finder, Mendel's data on tariffs, taxes, rules of origin and import regulations have also been available in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations since 2023.

Please contact us for a catalogue on MendelOnline also containing a promotion code for enhanced trial access to the portal. MendelOnline also works with mobile devices and is available 24/7 worldwide under MendelOnline

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