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Our global trade knowledge as data content

In outstanding quality for use in your software (e.g. ERP, GTM)

Create your foreign trade processes in a legally secure and cost-optimised manner by using validated data content from Mendel. With our data, you can design your supply chain on the basis of current customs tariff data from more than 160 countries and the associated preferential agreements as well as duties and taxes incurred on import. Worldwide goods lists of export control or embargoes prevent unauthorised exports and sanctioned party list data prevents business with persons and companies listed there.

Good to know

By choosing global trade data content from Mendel, you have the greatest possible flexibility in terms of interfaces, formats, languages and updates:

  • We support interfaces from SAP ERP or GTS, MIC, AEB, dbh and others.
  • Variable format selection such as XML, HTML, text-based formats, Excel, Word …
  • Data content mainly in English, many contents are available in German. French and Spanish are also possible. Other original languages such as the official languages of the EU or Chinese are supported.
  • Updates geared to individual needs

Customs tariff data

Over 160 countries modularly available – always up to date

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Sanctioned party lists

A three-digit number of lists, daily checks with editorial review process

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Export control

International and national export control lists of goods and their correlations

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Import regulations

Detailed import regulations of over 160 countries

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Rules of origin

RoO of various countries, text-based or in logical decomposition

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Import taxes and further duties levied upon importation

Available for over 160 countries, nomenclature-based integrated

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Further services

Customs exchange rates and more

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