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Over 160 countries in outstanding quality and topicality

Editorially supervised, integrated and consolidated

Our nomenclature and tariff databases for more than 160 countries are editorially integrated and consolidated. They are updated regularly and featured by an outstanding depth of integration, also covering internal taxes and additional levies due at importation.

Special features:

To comply with the actual demands of our customers and their different use cases, the data content on customs tariffs is offered in a clearly structured way and in form of separate modules which may be combined according to your needs.

Our modular approach

Nomenclature modulesProduct descriptionsin English form the basis of the customs tariffs data. The English descriptions are carefully revised to achieve a common level of quality. The hierarchy of the nomenclatures is fully reflected with appropriate dash structures.
In case of countries which apply different nomenclatures for import and export, the relevant export nomenclatures are available separately.
Reclassification modulesWe support the (semi-)automated reclassification of materials and products in the event of nomenclature changes and offer reclassification modules for every update, with structured information on newly added and removed tariff items.
Customs tariff modulesCustoms tariff modules share a common basis with the nomenclature modules but, in addition to the tariff items and product descriptions, also contain the regular rates of duty of the destination countries.
Preferential tariff modulesPreferential tariff modules may supplement the customs tariff modules with preferential tariff rates for designated countries of origin and regional trade agreements.
Import taxation modulesImport taxation modules enhance the customs tariff modules with product-related rates for additional taxes, levies or fees becoming due at importation.
Language modulesLanguage modules may complement the English version, which is the basis of the nomenclature modules, with product descriptions in German or other languages such as, for instance, Chinese or Russian.
Further modulesAs the case may be, further measure modules may be available depending on the country or upon specific request. These modules correlate indications for e.g. procedures, documents, competent authorities or relevant legislation to the tariff lines.

With regard to updates, we offer the most flexible approach, reflecting the various use cases of the data content. Therefore, different update modules may be chosen.

Data content on customs nomenclatures and tariffs is available for a multiplicity of countries as demonstrated in this list. It is, however, not deemed conclusive as the data coverage is continuously enhanced.

Interfaces and formats supported

Data Content for customs tariff data is available by default for the following standard interfaces:





In principle, we also support SAP ERP, individual, in-house solutions in XML and serve text-based formats.

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