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Research is one of our services divisions, which focuses on the individual compilation of information in response to concrete enquiries.

Our working method

Our specialised foreign trade editorial team researches data and information for publications and for Data Content in cooperation with our international network and contacts at authorities of third countries. The data pool thus created offers the possibility for queries of high quality in answer to specific informational needs. Possible questions may relate to topics such as nomenclatures, customs tariffs, duties and taxes, preferences and rules of origin, and much more.

Your benefit

For our customers, this is the answer to a precise question. Depending on the kind of enquiry and the topic of the research, we will strive to find the best solution for providing you with the information and data. Therefore, results may be supplied in individually edited dossiers, tables or matrices, compiled from our publications and sources. The results may also be made available in open formats, which may be customised for use in existing interfaces.

Individual compilations may be prepared with regard to a single country or across nations, and they may contain a single piece of information or a multitude of data. Of course, if desired, updates of the initial material on a regular basis may be arranged.

As opposed to other providers, we do not simply turn the given information into a different format, but we also edit and author the contents of our publications in all formats. Therefore, requests for further clarification can be answered and personalised compilations can be prepared.

Examples of researches actually conducted

DistributionRates of duties, taxes and additional levies for different products in approximately 240 countries and areas
LogisticsRequirements for the particulars to be stated on commercial invoices for all possible destination countries
MetalCurrent regular rates of duties and preferential tariff rates for goods from various countries of origin for worldwide exports
ElectronicsProhibitions and restrictions for a product group compared internationally with 100 third countries
FoodsuffsDevelopment of preferential tariff rates and regular rates of duties over several years for different origins of goods as regards a multitude of destination countries
BeveragesImport measures and labelling requirements in different Asian countries
Export promotionComparison of preferential rules of origin of agreements of the EU with Switzerland and South Korea
Automobile partsRegular rates of duties and preferential tariff rates, other duties and taxes, export duties and customs procedures in designated countries of origin and destination
Protective gearImport measures for particular goods, e.g. in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iraq and Yemen, documentation of the non-preferential origin and product certification
LogisticsDuties for the importation of product sets into Mexico
Export promotionImport measures for wine in China, Russia, the United States and further countries

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