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UCC – Practitioner's Edition
with integrated DA, TDA and IA
by Christian Struck and Anna Gayk
On 1 May 2016, the new EU customs law became completely applicable. The Union Customs Code (UCC) and its implementing provisions superseded the Customs Code (CC) as well as the Customs Code Implementing Provisions (CCIP).
That means that the practitioner is to work with 3 – and for a transitional period until at least 2020 even with 4 – intertwined legal bases:
1. UCC: Union Customs Code
2. UCC DA: Delegated Act
3. UCC TDA: Transitional Delegated Act
4. UCC IA: Implementing Act
With the book 'UCC – Practitioner's Edition', you will be able to keep track of the new provisions: It provides an integrated version of the 4 legal bases with the relevant articles of the UCC DA, UCC TDA and UCC IA assigned to those of the UCC.
The authors Christian Struck and Anna Gayk took it as a priority to put a tool into the users' hands which not only satisfies their high demands on quality but also allows them to find and use the provisions of the UCC and the associated provisions of the UCC DA, UCC TDA and UCC IA as extensively, handily and quickly as possible.
The result is a clearly structured and comprehensible version. With the Practitioner's Edition you don't have to exhaustingly search the relevant provisions for the AEO out of the 4 different legal bases yourself. This book provides you access to a single, integrated work.
Various navigation options such as tables of contents, indexes, correlation tables, register labels, cross references, margin columns, etc. help to find answers quickly.
Book: Format: softcover; dimensions: 19 x 24,5 cm; extent: 650 pages; price: 37.29 EUR excluding VAT (39.90 EUR including 7% VAT) plus shipping costs. ISBN: 978-3-943011-33-3.