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Besides its publications in various formats (loose-leaf binders, books, brochures and CD-ROMs containing data and software), Mendel Publishing House is engaged in different projects to provide professionally edited specialised information.

MendelOnline The publishing house's own internet portal MendelOnline integrates foreign trade measures both country- and commodity-related and interlinks this information. It allows access to a data pool being unique in this quantity and quality.
MADB For more than 15 years, the publishing house has been providing the European Commission, Directorate-General for Trade, with country-specific information on tariff and non-tariff measures of third countries. In the context of different projects, data for more than 100 third countries was researched, edited and contributed to different databases on international trade maintained by the Commission.
WCO Mendel Publishing House is "Approved WCO Distributor" of the World Customs Organization (WCO). All publications, online services as well as raw data published by the WCO may be directly obtained at Mendel Publishing House.
Mendel Publishing House is a cooperation partner of the European Forum for External Trade, Excise and Customs (Europäisches Forum für Aussenwirtschaft, Verbrauchsteuern und Zoll e.V. – EFA). In the framework of the series "EFA-Schriftenreihe", scientific literature on foreign trade, excise and customs law is published on a regular basis. Since 2002, the conference transscripts of the EFA's yearly European Customs Law Conferences are published by Mendel Publishing House.
AHV Mendel Publishing House is a cooperation partner of the Foreign Trade Association North Rhine Westphalia (Außenhandelsverband Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. – AHV NRW). Please read more (in German) on the work of the association.
dbh Logistics IT AG dbh Logistics IT AG offers software, consultancy services and tailor-made solutions in the fields of customs and foreign trade, compliance and risk management, transport management, SAP solutions, port industries and cloud services. Mendel Publishing House provides dbh with data content, so that it is available in dbh's systems for their customers.
MIC Customs Solutions MIC Customs Solutions is a worldwide leading provider of global customs solutions and specializes in integrating global customs systems. Mendel Publishing House provides MIC with data content, so that it is available in MIC's systems for their customers.
AEB AEB software supports the global trade and logistics processes of more than 5,000 companies in 75 countries. AEB’s portfolio includes solutions for shipping, transport and warehouse management, customs management, and export controls.
AWA The AWA Foreign Trade Acadamy is a training institute based in Münster, Germany. The foreign trade publications of Mendel Publishing House are regularly used in the seminars organised by the AWA.