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Problem Situation
There are indeed many sources of foreign trade information but the content is often not as current nor reliable as required. Furthermore, many important specific questions can not be adequately answered by general information only.
What We Can Do For You
In addition to our vast experience in publishing foreign trade information, we have been carrying out tailored researches for our clients for over a decade in the area of foreign trade, with an emphasis on tariff and non-tariff measures of third countries. Our expertise is proven daily by our assignment as a long-standing and the currently largest provider for the Market Access Database of the European Commission.
Our Approach
We currently have a data pool with information on import formalities and customs tariffs for more than 180 countries. For special issues, we directly contact our network in the third countries or get in touch with our contacts in the concerned authorities so that specific questions can be researched and resolved on the spot.
To establish measures imposed by third countries, we use customer information which may have product codes from different nomenclatures in their different versions, as may be contained, e.g., in parts lists.
Your Results
The results will be prepared according to your wishes, e.g. as clear dossiers or as interface-compatible data formats ready for download to your IT system – just as you require it.
Contact us with your questions and we shall promptly make you an offer for the provision of the desired information.
Examples of Researches Undertaken
Current regular and preferential duty rates for products of different countries of origin at worldwide export
Required import formalities for imports through a subsidiary in North Africa
Development of preferential and regular rates of duty in a multitude of destination countries over several years for goods originating in various countries
Editing of the product-related list rules for preferential arrangements applied by the EU in a machine-readable format
Customs tariffs, additional duties as well as import formalities at the introduction of goods into India
Chemical Industry:
Preferential rates of duty for products originating in third countries and being imported into a region with different, overlapping free trade agreements
Establishing the differences between regular and preferential customs duties in different years and countries, e.g. in the framework of verification of certificates of preferential origin by customs authorities
Differences between duties, preferential rates and import taxes and charges for imports to the Western Balkans
Customs tariffs and import taxes and charges for the importation of products of different origin to South America
Applied tariffs, internal taxes and formalities for the importation of used goods into different third countries